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About Premier Affinity Services

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the ability of our client groups to serve their members well. We believe adding genuine value to membership, creating a world-class member experience, and recruiting more prospective members to join every year creates a foundation from which our client groups can serve their members well for generations to come.


Who We Are

We are a national marketing company exclusively focused on providing services to affinity organizations. The services we provide are designed to increase the value of membership, improve member engagement, and increase the number of new members joining the organization. With a history that dates back nearly 20 years, we understand many of the unique challenges affinity groups face and have developed a methodology proven to be effective and well-received. As a single-source solution for benefits, engagement, and growth, organizations enjoy the administrative ease of having a single contact across our business and the expertise you’d expect from an organization focused in one market.


Why We’re Here

Our team loves having the ability to effect positive change – from the individual members we interact with to the organizations with whom we partner, our efforts are centered around making things better than they were before. We’ve found staying within our niche market and areas of focus – benefits, engagement, and growth, best positions us to equip our client groups with valuable tools they can use to build a better organization and serve their members well.

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